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Excellence in Massage Therapy

Balance Bodyworks has built a reputation for providing exceptional, lasting massage therapy in a spa-like environment. As a practitioner you would need to show a high level of competency in these skilled areas :


Pre/Post Pregnancy Massage One of the things pregnant women often say is that massage therapists are afraid to get deep and do effective work. Obviously, if someone just needs a break and wants to relax, we can provide a deeply relaxing massage for them. At Balance Bodyworks we are trained to deliver good effective massage in the areas that need it most. We use the patented BodyCushion system allowing women to lie face down without undue pressure on precious areas. We also must be able to be flexible if need be and perform the massage thoroughly and effectively in a Side-Lying position.

BodyCushion Pregnancy System

BodyCushion Pregnancy System

Deep Tissue - Being able to demonstrate effective deep tissue techniques throughout the body is a must. For example, thorough neck and shoulder treatment with focused work “cleaning up” attachment points. This doesn’t always mean using a painful level of pressure. Rather, practitioners at Balance Bodyworks must possess the skills to work deeply and effectively, observing the body as a whole and working with all of the areas connecting to a specific point.


Listening - A practitioner’s ability to listen carefully to a client both verbally and non-verbally is so very essential. The ability to observe their body language and to listen deeper with your hands unveiling the stories below the surface is a sign of a present, balanced therapist.

Treatment - Sometimes clients come in with real pathological conditions or have been in an auto accident. The background needed to assess and treat such conditions and create basic SOAP Notes or charts is also a necessary attribute for any Balance Bodyworks candidate.


Balance Bodyworks practitioners need to be among the best in the city. A good work/life balance is essential, and great pay for the hard work that we do helps with that balance. That is why we offer a compensation rate unheard of in Seattle. We do a lot of 90-minute sessions with a half-hour break in-between clients. Three 90-minute sessions is the suggested maximum of sessions per day. Sometimes we may do four but we don’t feel that’s sustainable long term. We’re looking to fill 3-5 6-hour shifts per week. Schedule is flexible, though we’re looking to fill weekends and Tuesday mornings first.

This is a contractor position. We start at 50% commission plus tips with performance and client retention based raises. Also, there will be educational benefits and incentives available in as early as six months.

Thank you for taking the time to read about the Massage Therapist position available at Balance Bodyworks. If this resonates with you and you feel that you would be a great fit, please send a resume to or feel free to call Ben at 206.898.0105 with any questions you may have.